A note from Terri..........

Just a note to say goodbye and thank you so much!

Bliss By The Bluff has closed its doors ( for now anyway) and on behalf of myself and our incredible instructors, we just want to thank you for supporting our studio over the past year.
Life is sweet, but the one thing that we cannot buy more of or make more of… is time.
I have made the difficult decision to close the studio due to wanting to spend my time with my grandchildren, and to rediscover this beautiful world through their eyes.
In addition to the 2 beautiful ones we already have Joe and I are expecting 3 more by the end of the year and we couldn’t be happier.
It was an incredible journey, bringing yoga to this community.
The people we were able to meet and the friendships made will forever be treasured.
We hope that you all continue your yoga journey and keep God, family and community forever in your hearts.
Thank you to our staff for being so kind, so patient and so inspiring….we will forever be a family XOXOXOXOXOX

Stacy Koerner

Michele Orr

Lorraine Moyer

Claire Cofer

Kyle Hewlett